Marilyn Crispell

Streams W/ Yuma Uesaka (MW1010-2)

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Streams W/ Yuma Uesaka

Marilyn Crispell

Not Two


DRJ 163099




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This might be the first time we're hearing the work of reedman Yuma Uesaka – who turns out to be a fantastic partner for the always-tremendous piano talents of Marilyn Crispell! Uesaka is as much of a composer as an improviser – and the work here is all composed at the core, but with structures that allow for plenty of individual contributions – inspired by the poetry of Rushi Vyas, whose words are included with the CD – even though Yuma is just expressing himself on saxes and clarinets. The pair are joined by Chatori Shimizu on sho on one track – but the core energy just comes from reeds and piano, with Crispell reminding us once again that she can be a hell of a musical partner in just about any setting.


  • Yuma Uesaka - saxophone, clarinets, compositions
  • Marilyn Crispell - piano
  • Chatori Shimizu - sho (Track 6 only)

Recorded in New York, November 29th, 2018


  • 01. Meditation
  • 02. Iterations I
  • 03. Streams
  • 04. Capillarity
  • 05. Torrent
  • 06. Ma / Space