Jazz Messengers has been your Jazz supplier and partner for many years. Throughout all this time, we have been always working hard to have the best products, under fair conditions for all our customers. This being said, the current situation is forcing us to change some of our rules, specifically regarding our shipping terms and conditions. The truth is that shipping companies are applying constant price increases, which we were trying to sort through these past years, but we are getting to that point where we won’t be able to do this anymore.  

After studying all our possibilities, we are developing a new shipping system, as competitive as possible for us and our customers. This new system will determine shipping costs with the precise weight of the purchased items and is active since November 15th. 

You can all be sure that this has not been an easy decision for us; but, it’s a necessary one to be with you for more years to come. 

We are counting on all your support, and understanding to keep this journey going. 

All the best, 

The Jazz Messengers Team

For more information, please contact us.