Anthony Braxton

Trillium E (NBH901)

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Trillium E

Anthony Braxton

New Braxton House


DRJ 129229




Trillium E

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Trillium E is the first-ever studio recording of a Braxton opera, and documents a surreal and witty installment in Braxton’s ongoing Trillium cycle. Available as a four-disc box set in both physical and digital forms, it includes a 72-page booklet with libretto, photos, and critical essays. Each of Trillium E’s four acts features a different episode: a genie in a bottle, the invention of human cloning, interplanetary space travel, and the exploration of a jungle pyramid. The performers on Trillium E have been heard with major opera companies (New York City Opera, Florentine Opera, Lyric Opera of San Diego); top avant-garde performance groups (Philip Glass Ensemble, Wooster Group, Darmstadt Institute); grassroots arts collectives (HERE Theater, Anti-Social Music); and collaborations with legendary jazz and improvised music figures.


  • Kamala Sankaram: coloratura soprano as 'Helena'
  • Anne Rhodes: coloratura soprano as 'Sundance'
  • Jen Shyu: soprano as 'Shala'
  • Kyoko Kitamura: soprano as 'Ntzockie'
  • Elizabeth Saunders: mezzo soprano as 'Alva'
  • Fay Victor: mezzo soprano as 'Kim'
  • Nick Hallett: tenor as 'David'
  • Richard Harper: tenor as 'Ojuwain'
  • Wesley Chinn: baritone voc) as 'Joreo'
  • Chris DiMeglio baritone as 'Bubba John Jack'
  • Michael Douglas Jones: bass as 'Zakko'
  • Stan Scott: bass as 'Ashmenton'


  • Nicole Mitchell: piccolo
  • Leah Paul: flute
  • Salim Washington: oboe
  • Dave Kadden: english horn
  • Matt Bauder: clarinet
  • Oscar Noriega: alto clarinet
  • John Sinton: bass clarinet
  • Dan Blake: soprano sax
  • Dan Voss: alto sax
  • Nate Wooley: trumpetV
  • Reut Regev: trombone
  • Jay Rozen: tuba


  • Michel Gentile, Nicole Mitchell, Leah Paul: flute
  • Christa Robinson, Salim Washington: oboe
  • Katie Scheele, Dave Kadden: english horn
  • Jason Mears, Matt Bauder, Dan Blake: clarinet
  • Oscar Noriega: alto clarinet
  • John Sinton, Mike McGinnis: bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet
  • Sara Schoenbeck, Brad Balliet: bassoon
  • Katie Young: contrabassoon
  • Mark Taylor: french horn
  • Gareth Flowers, Nate Wooley: trumpet
  • Dan Blacksberg, Reut Regev: trombone
  • Sam Kulik: bass trombone
  • Jay Rozen: tuba
  • Chris Dingman, Tyshawn Sorey: percussion
  • Cory Smythe: piano
  • Shelley Burgon: harp
  • Erica Dicker, Sarah Bernstein, Olivia De Prato, Jason Kao Hwang,
  • Sylvia Ryerson, Andie Springer, Skye Steele, Mazz Swift: violin
  • Jessica Pavone, Amy Cimini, Brian Thompson: viola
  • Tomas Ulrich, Tomeka Reid, Shanda Wooley: cello
  • Ken Filiano, Kris Saebo, Carl Testa: bass