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Miles Davis was an American musician, composer and trumpeter, who was born in Alton (Illinois) on May 25, 1926 and died in Santa Monica (California) on September 28, 1991.

He managed to become one of the most recognized and representative figures in the history of Jazz after World War II and, with more than five albums, he marked a before and after in the evolution of this musical genre.


Miles Davis was of African-American descent. His father, Miles Dewey Davis Jr., was a dentist and his mother, Cleota Mae, was a music teacher. He had an older and a younger brother.

From a young age Davis developed a great love for music, so he began his first lessons with Elwood Buchanan, who gave him the advice to play without vibrato. A few years later, Miles joined his school band, directed by Buchanan.He later joined the "Blue Devils" orchestra, where he became its director.

Years later Miles enrolled at the Juilliard School in New York to broaden his knowledge of music theory. However, he soon lost interest in theoretical studies and began to follow his childhood idol, Charlie Parker, one of the most famous names in bebop.

His early career was as a jazz trumpeter, playing in various local bands in St. Louis. Davis managed to connect with Charlie Parker in New York and in 1945 he became part of his group, where he performed for several years before breaking up in 1948.

That same year Davis, along with 8 other musicians, formed the group "Miles Davis Nonet", which included pianist Gil Evan and saxophonist Gerry Mulligan. The band's goal was to recreate music similar to the human voice, making careful arrangements of the notes. However, their compositions went unnoticed for several years, until 1957, when they released the album "Birth of the Cool", where their main works were compiled. This led to the emergence of the cool jazz movement.

In the early 1950s, Davis became addicted to heroin, which was a major setback in his career, especially when reports of his addiction and temper became public.

The decade of the 1970s was not a good one for Davis, as his albums did not sell as well as those of the previous years. Davis fell into depression and returned to drug use.

However, during the following decades Davis' career only grew. He managed to work with companies such as Columbia Records and Warnes Bros. and went on to win a Grammy Award.

Musical influences

From the beginning, Davis was destined for greatness and his recording debut was one of the most promising. Even without completing his training at the prestigious Julliard School in New York, he was able to be part of Charlie Parker's band for several years.

He greatly influenced bebop and cool jazz and marked a before and after in the industry.

Performance collaborators

Throughout his career, Miles Davis managed to collaborate with various famous jazz artists on several of his songs, such as Brass Ensemble, Cannonball Adderley, Michel LeGrand, Tad Cameron, Kenny Garrett, Quincy Jones, Shirley Horn, Michel Legrand, Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane.


From 1949 to 1991, Miles Davis released 48 great albums, which are named as follows:

1. Birth of the Cool - Capitol Records (1949) 
2. Volume 1 - Blue Note (1952)
3. Volume 2 - Blue Note (1953)
4. Miles Davis and The Modern Jazz Giants - Prestige (1954)
5. 'Round about midnight - Columbia (1955)
6. Cookin' with the Miles Davis Quintet - Prestige (1956)
7. Steamin' with the Miles Davis Quintet - Prestige (1956)
8. Relaxin' with the Miles Davis Quintet - Prestige (1956)
9. Workin' with the Miles Davis Quintet - Prestige (1956)
10. Miles Ahead Miles Davis + 19 - Columbia (1957)
11. L'Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud - Fontana (1958)
12. Milestones - Columbia (1958)
13. Somethin' Else with Cannonball Adderley - Blue Note (1958)
14. '58 Stella By Starlight - Columbia (1958)
15. Porgy and Bess - Columbia (1958)
16. Sketches of Spain - Columbia (1959)
17. Kind of Blue - Columbia (1959)
18. Some Day My Prince Will Come - Columbia (1961)
19. In Person, Saturday Night at The Blackhawk, San Francisco - Columbia (1961)
20. Seven Steps to Heaven - Columbia (1963)
21. Quiet Nights w/Gil Evans - Columbia (1963)
22. My Funny Valentine + Four & More: The Complete Concert - Columbia (1964)
23. E.S.P. - Columbia (1965)
24. Cookin' at The Plugged Nickel - Columbia (1965)
25. Miles Smiles - Columbia (1966)
26. Sorcerer - Columbia (1967)
27. Nefertiti - Columbia (1967)
28. Filles De Kilimanjaro - Columbia (1968)
29. Miles in the Sky - Columbia (1968)
30. Water Babies - Columbia (1967-1968)
31. In a Silent Way - Columbia (1968)
32. Bitches Brew - Columbia (1970)
33. Live-Evil - Columbia (1971)
34. On the Corner - Columbia (1971)
35. Big Fun - Columbia (1974)
36. Dark Magus - Columbia (1974)
37. Get Up With It - Columbia (1974)
38. Agharta - Columbia (1975)
39. Pangea - Columbia (1975)
40. The Man with the Horn - Columbia (1981)
41. We Want Miles - Columbia (1981)
42. Star People - Columbia (1983)
43. Decoy - Columbia (1983)
44. You're Under Arrest - Columbia (1985)
45. Aura - Warner (1985)
46. Tutu - Warner (1986)
47. Amandla - Warner (1989)
48. Miles & Quincy Live at Montreaux - Warner (1991)

Most famous songs

There is no denying that all Miles Davis songs have greatly marked the jazz industry, but among the most famous hits are: "So What", "Milestones", "Freddy Freeloader", "It Never Entered my Mind", "Blue in Green", "Round Midnight", "Stella by Starlight", "Flamenco Sketches", "Autumn Leaves" and "Summertime".

If you love jazz and want to know more about it, including the most famous artists of this genre, such as Miles Davis, we invite you to continue enjoying the best music at Jazz Messengers.

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