Chucho Valdes

The Complete 1964 Sessions (MM 801)

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The Complete 1964 Sessions

Chucho Valdes

Malanga Music


MMR 115185

MM 801



The Complete 1964 Sessions

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This CD release includes the complete original albums "Jazz nocturno" (Areíto LP, 1964, tracks #1-12) and "Descarga" (Areíto LP, 1964, tracks #13-24), bonus tracks: Chucho Valdés' recordings for the Anthology "Pianoforte vol. II" (Areito LP).

Includes a comprehensive 20-page booklet.

Collective Personnel: Chucho Valdés (p), Paquito D' Rivera (as, cl), Julio Vento (fl), Alberto Giral (tb), Carlos Emilio Morales (g), Enrique "Kike" Hernández, Orlando López "Cachaíto" (b), Enrique Plá (d), Oscar Valdés (congas) & Emilio Del Monte (timbales).

"The current edition contains all of the albums that the Chucho Valdés Combo released on EGREM between January and July of 1964. These LPs were only originally distributed throughout Cuba and have never been reedited. Recovering these exquisite recordings from the archives constitutes a real act of justice, both for the musicians involved in the sessions and for the fans of this superlative music." - Bladimir Zamora Céspedes, Havana, October 2006.

Tracks: 1. Bebada (Descarga), 2. Mi Descarga Pa'gozar (Descarga), 3. Átomo (Chachachá), 4. Indestructible (Chachachá), 5. Por La Libre (Descarga), 6. Mi Mejor Canción (Bolero), 7. Tú No Sabes De Amor (Descarga), 8. Chachachá Niña (Chachachá), 9. Descarga De Kike (Descarga), 10. El Paso De Encarnación (Descarga), 11. Quién Baila Mejor (Guapachá), 12. Noches De Moscú (Descarga), 13. Guajira Chá (Guajira Descarga), 14. Novia Mía (Bolero), 15. Varadero Chá (Descarga), 16. Niño (Bossa Nova), 17. Layda (Bossa Nova), 18. Descarga De, Monte Adentro (Descarga), 19. Pilín Pilón (Descarga), 20. Congo (Afro), 21. Mambo, Influenciado (Mambo), 22. Guasabeando Voy (Descarga), 23. Descarga Para Banda Y Combo (Descarga), 24. Tanganika (Descarga), 25. Chiquitico* (Jazz), 26. Pero Tú Vendrás* (Bossa Nova, Jazz), 27. Pequeña Descarga Para Ti* (Descarga Jazz). (* Bonus Tracks)

Total Time: 78:48 mins.

This CD is part of an exquisite new collection from Malanga Music, established with the purpose of uncovering outstanding rare material by legendary figures in the history of Cuban music. This material had been previously locked away in the vaults collecting dust, but two years of extensive investigation in Havana's Areíto studio archives have brought these gems to light.

All these CDs have been digitised directly from the original masters, and many of them have never been previously released on CD! These editions also boast 16 or 20-page comprehensive booklets featuring previously unissued photos and texts in both English and Spanish, written by important Cuban musicologists and journalists.