Vijay Iyer

Tirtha with Prasanna and Mitta Nitin (ACT 9503-2)

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Tirtha with Prasanna and Mitta Nitin

Vijay Iyer



ACT 129280

ACT 9503-2



Tirtha with Prasanna and Mitta Nitin

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A confluence of ideas is encountered in the kinetic and unusual Tirtha, featuring three South Asian luminaries: the critically acclaimed jazz pianist Vijay Iyer; and his equally accomplished trio-mates, guitarist/composer Prasanna, and tablaist Nitin Mitta. Iyer formed the band in 2007 when asked to put together a concert celebrating 60 years of Indian independence. The title (also the band's name) has significance, as "tirtha" (pronounced THEER-tha), is the Sanskrit word for "ford" or "crossing," a shallow part of a body of water that may be easily crossed, as in a pilgrimage near sacred waters.


  • VIJAY IYER, piano
  • PRASANNA, guitar, vocal
  • NITIN MITTA, tabla

Recorded in New York, August 11-12, 2008.


  • 01. Duality
  • 02. Tribal Wisdom
  • 03. Tirtha
  • 04. Abundance
  • 05. Falsehood
  • 06. Gauntlet
  • 07. Polytheism
  • 08. Remembrance
  • 09. Entropy And Time