Kai Winding

Trombone Panorama (LHJ 10315)

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Trombone Panorama

Kai Winding

Lone Hill Jazz


LHJ 117060

LHJ 10315



Trombone Panorama

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CD 14,04 €

Contains Kai Winding’s complete Trombone Panorama sessions, including three tracks that were not included on the album.
This is the fi rst time that any of this material is issued on CD and the fi rst time that it is all compiled on just one release. Includes 12-page comprehensive booklet!
"An enjoyable, often amusing, sometimes instructive LP; recommended particularly to recently converted jazz collectors." - Leonard Feather, DOWN BEAT MAGAZINE 1957 ****

Tracklist: Trombone Panorama (Suite) Fanfare/ Lassus Trombone/ Muskrat Ramble/ I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues/ Sidewalks Of New York/ Margie/ I’m Getting Sentimental Over You/ Kaye’s Melody/ Moonlight Serenade/ Bijou/ Collaboration/ It’s Alright With Me/ Potpourri/ The Party’s Over/ The Preacher/ Come Rain Or Come Shine/ The Red , Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along/ I Can’t Give You Anything But Love/ Frankie and Johnny/ Who, Me?/ Yes, You/ Show Me The Way To Go Home

10 tracks - 50:16

THE KAI WINDING SEPTET: Kai Winding, trombone/ Carl Fontana, trombone/ Wayne Andre, trombone/ Dick Lieb, bass trombone & baritone horn/ Roy Frazee, piano/ Kenny O’Brien, bass/ Jack Franklin or Tom Montgomery, drums. New York , December 1956 & February 1957. Kai Winding is one of the most versatile, entertaining, and musically gifted jazzmen of this generation. He orchestrates for four trombones and rhythm and suggests the fullness of big-band ensemble without being an imitation of it. He plays superbly articulate trombone, with almost faultless intonation and phrasing, yet it comes out according to mood, robust, refi ned, or in choruses lovely of defi nition, casually cool of delivery.".-from the original album liner notes

KAI WINDING, trombone
CARL FONTANA, trombone
WAYNE ANDRE, trombone
DICK LIEB, bass trombone & baritone horn
JACK FRANKLIN or TOM MONTGOMERY, drums New York, December 1956 & February 1957.