Juan Pablo Balcazar

Viaje/ Voyage (FSNT 325 CD)

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Viaje/ Voyage

Juan Pablo Balcazar

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Viaje/ Voyage

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Featuring: Miguel 'Pintxo' Villar (ts), Serghi Sirvent (p), Juan Pablo Balcazar (b), Dani Dominguez (d)

It was in the Summer of 2005 when bassist Juan Pablo Balcazar first thought about a project that involved two worlds; Bogotá, his birthplace; and Barcelona, the adoptive city. He wanted to write music that connected both places, so instructed two photographers without any previous interplay, Gema Darbonens, in Barcelona, and Camilo Monsalve, in Bogotá, to search in pictures, eight different moments around the concept of TRAVEL (Viaje/Voyage). Balcazar composed a solid soundtrack which joins in just one musical idea, two intense realities separated by the Atlantic Sea. Bandmates, saxophonist “Pintxo” Villar, pianist Sergi Sirvent and drummer Dani Dominguez, helped create the suitable ambient.


01. Camino (5:22)
02. Encuentro (6:51)
03. Reencuentro (4:57)
04. Distancia (6:19)
05. Futuro (5:43)
06. Partir (5:55)
07. Pasado (6:01)
08. Viaje (5:10)

Recorded at Estudi 44.1, Girona, on October 26, 2007.