Francy Boland

Playing with the Trio (RW 148 CD)

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Playing with the Trio

Francy Boland



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RW 148 CD



Playing with the Trio

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Another amazing chapter of the finest European Jazz of the 60s...

"There is a two-fold pleasure in listening to the leader of a big band play in a trio setting. First, there is the satisfaction of hearing a voice that is normally in the background being brought to centre stage..."

"Boland was of famously modest and self-effacing nature, so to hear him play in this context is something to treasure. And with Klook and Woode behind him the session is, of course, a perfectly cut gem: unassuming but wholly flawless, and shining with intelligent musical light".

Second, there is a more intellectual pleasure, for with an occasional trio like this one we get to examine the music of a large ensemble in reduced form, and from the most privileged point of view. In the company of the composer himself, the trio guides us through versions of familiar Clarke-Boland numbers that have been pared back to absolute essentials, allowing us to see the delicate forms that reside within the complex machinery of Boland’s arrangements. The thickets of brass and reeds, the star turns by soloists, the sheer noise and drama of the big band all drop away: the songs are stripped down to founding principles, to the clear colours and subtle accents of the compositional heartwood..."

Francy Boland, piano
Jimmy Woode Jr., bass
Kenny Clarke, drums

Recorded at Lindstrom Studio,Cologne, February 19th 1967

1. Nights in Warsaw
2. I'm all smiles
3. Myriam doll
4. Night lady
5. Gamal Sady'n'em
6. Lonely girl
7. Dierdre's blues
8. The girl and the turk
9. Like someone in love