Alex Puddu

Registrazioni Al Buio with Edda Dell`Orso (SCEB 911)

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Registrazioni Al Buio with Edda Dell`Orso

Alex Puddu



REA 139052

SCEB 911



Registrazioni Al Buio with Edda Dell`Orso

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This album is an amazing journey into the world of soundtracks and library music of the 70s. In french they would call it “Music pour l’image” and this term gives you the exact idea of the deeply evocative potential of this sequence of notes does have.

“Registrazioni Al Buio” is indeed a fresh and charming recording by a talented musician and gifted producer who brings new life to old sounds by restyling, merging, and mixing old and new musical intuitions. The result is somehow familiar if you loved the works of Lesiman, Bacalov, Pisano or the infinite genius of the maestro Morricone and his old time friend Alessandroni, but at the same time it sounds new, with echoes of ’No wave‘ intuitions à la Lounge Lizard.

An album to file alongside those old classic soundtrack masterpieces that still sound fresh and inspiring after so many years.


01.Il Canto Delle Orchidee
02.Il Seme Della Violenza
03.Il Deserto Sotto La Pelle
04.Alta Tensione 3 am
05.Mirror Madness
06.Incontri Nel Parco
07.Anna Il Desiderio Chiuso Nella Stanza
08.Angeli Della Morte
09.Magia Nera, Rituali Inferno Ad Haiti
10.Nuove Sezioni Ritmiche
11.La Paura E' Una Lama Di Ghiaccio
12.L'Occhio Nella Parete
13.Mother's Milk
14.Il Mare Dietro La Porta