Kenny Clarke

Handle with Care - 180 Gram (RW 128 LP)

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Handle with Care - 180 Gram

Kenny Clarke



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RW 128 LP



Handle with Care - 180 Gram

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This album comes from 1962 and was recorded not long after the C-BBB was organized as a permanent ensemble. Even though these recordings are 40 years old, they sound fresher than ever. Virtuosic straight ahead big band jazz of the type featured by the C-BBB sounds a hundred times more contemporary than the fusion and jazz-rock experiments from the same period. Therein lies the greatness of the C-BBB. Francy Boland, who did almost all of the writing for the band, was a highly adventurous arranger whose harmonic palette was extraordinarily sophisticated and modern; yet his arrangements always swang. Indeed, with sidemen the likes of Benny Bailey, Billy Mitchell, Sahib Shihab and Idrees Sulieman, it would have been almost impossible to do anything but swing.


  • Benny Bailey, Roger Guerin, Jimmy Deuchar, Idrees Sulieman - trumpet
  • Nat Peck, Ake Persson - tuba
  • Derek Humble - alto sax
  • Carl Drevo, Billy Mitchel, Ronnie Scott - tenor sax
  • Sahih Shihab - baritone sax
  • Francy Boland - piano
  • Jimmy Woode - bass
  • Kenny Clarke - drums
  • Among others

Frankfurt, January 25 & 26, 1963.


  • SIDE A:
  • A1. Long Note Blues (Here Is Cecco Beppe)
  • A2. Get Out of Town
  • A3. Sonor
  • SIDE B:
  • B1. Speedy Reeds
  • B2. Old Stuff
  • B3. Om Mani Padme Hum