Harris Eisenstadt

Old Growth Forest (CF 359 CD)

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Old Growth Forest

Harris Eisenstadt

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CF 359 CD



Old Growth Forest

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This recording happened the day after two concerts at the New York venue directed by John Zorn, The Stone, in September 2015. Harris Eisenstadt thought it was the right opportunity to revive a forgotten trio with Jeb Bishop and Jason Roebke and to finally accomplish an old purpose: to have a quartet with the addition of Tony Malaby. After the gigs they went immediately to a studio and this is it. With such a reunion of improvisers it wasn’t difficult to arrange things; some written material was prepared only to define a unified identity to the music, and everything else was kept open. No other word would describe better what you’ll discover here: open jazz. An urgent, passionate and vibrant kind of jazz. “Old Growth Forest” HAD to happen, HAD to be. It took 10 years to finally get here, but each moment of this CD sounds like destiny. It’s done and we only hope that they do it again, and again, and again…


JEB BISHOP, trombone
TONY MALABI, tenor saxophone
JASON EISENSTADT, drums & compositions

Recorded September 2, 2015at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY


01. Larch
02. Pine
03. Hemlock
04. Redwood
05. Spruce
06. Fir
07. Big Basin
08. Cedar