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Sun Blowing (JAZZ)

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Sun Blowing

Danielsson- Neset-Lund



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Sun Blowing

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The magic of the first encounter: Playing together for the first time, recorded “as live” with as little pre-planning as possible, the three achieve miracles throughout. That`s jazz!

It happens so rarely nowadays. Three musicians, who all make their homes in Copenhagen, met as a trio in a studio. That initial encounter was recorded, and an extremely fine record is the result. The instigator was Danish drummer Morten Lund. The seed was sown in a conversation with Norwegian-born saxophonist Marius Neset and Swedish bassist Lars Danielsson, when all three were travelling back by train to Copenhagen from Jazz Baltica in 2012.


  • MARIUS NESET, tenor sax
  • LARS DANIELSSON, tenor sax
  • MORTEN LUND, drums

Recorded at Millfactory Studio, April 3, 2014.


  • 01. Little Jump
  • 02. Sun Blowing
  • 03. Up North
  • 04. Salme
  • 05. Folksong
  • 06. Evening Song For B
  • 07. Blå
  • 08. The Cost Of Living