Anat Cohen

Alegria da Casa (ANZ-0053)

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Alegria da Casa

Anat Cohen



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Alegria da Casa

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Brilliant musicianship and astonishing technical performance are the hallmarks of this collaboration between Anat Cohen, perhaps the finest jazz clarinetist of her generation, and Trio Brasileiro, composed of Douglas Lora and his 7-string violão guitar, Alexandre Lora, panderiro tambourine and percussionist, and Dudu Maia, master bandolim accordionist. This is an inspired meeting, since while Cohen is rooted in jazz and swing, she is continually looking for new challenges, and the Brazilian musicians meet her halfway, making for some excellent music.

The Selection of great choro classics (Santa Morena, Murmurando) and original compositions is finely balanced. We hear what we would expect, but then we are surprised by new pieces that coexist nicely in the recording as a whole. It sounds like a happy gathering of friends in a botequim, or corner bar in a small Brazilian town, where the music flows spontaneously and everyone takes part in the roda, or circle of musicians.


ANAT COHEN, clarinet
DUDU MAIA, bandolin
DOUGLAS LORA, string guitar
ALEXANDRER LORA, pandeiro, percussion

Brasilia, Brazil, September 2013.


01. Mumurando
02. Waiting For Amalia
03. Alegria Da Casa
04. Baiao Guri
05. In The Spirit of Baden
06. Valsa Para Alice
07. Engole O Choro
08. Sarue Latino
09. Feia
10. Santa Morena
11. Anat's Lament