Various Artists

Classic Savoy Be-Bop Sessions 1945-49 (MCD10-264)

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Classic Savoy Be-Bop Sessions 1945-49

Various Artists

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Classic Savoy Be-Bop Sessions 1945-49

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(Please note: Mosaic, intentionally did not include the Charlie Parker Savoy recordings as the are readily available and may of you probably own them in some form)

The sessions spawned so many firsts. On these CDs, you’ll hear the very first sessions led by DEXTER GORDON, KAI WINDING, ALLEN EAGER, J.J. JOHNSON (including sideman CECIL PAYNE’s first recordings ever), STAN GETZ, SONNY STITT and KENNY DORHAM, RAY BROWN, FATS NAVARRO, SERGE CHALOFF, KENNY HAGOOD, LEO PARKER, and BREW MOORE.

Also included are reputation-making sessions for TADD DAMERON (both under his name and on another session led by Navarro), HOWARD McGHEE, KENNY CLARKE, and MILT JACKSON, whose bebop conversion changed the course of vibes playing forever.

This set includes 216 tracks from 34 sessions across 10 CDs, with many alternate takes so you can evaluate the evolution of a tune as the music itself was evolving. It’s taken nearly 70 years to put this collection together, and it’s a good bet nothing like it will appear again in your lifetime.

01. Blow Mr. Dexter (alt tk) (Dexter Gordon)
02. Blow Mr. Dexter (Dexter Gordon)
03. Dexter’s Deck (Dexter Gordon)
04. Dexter’s Cutttin’ Out (Dexter Gordon)
05. Dexter’s Minor Mad (Dexter Gordon)
06. Sweet Miss (alt tk) (Kai Winding)
07. Sweet Miss (Kai Winding)
08. Loaded (alt tk) (Bernie Miller)
09. Loaded (B) (Bernie Miller)
10. Grab Your Axe Max (alt tk) (Kai Winding)
11. Grab Your Axe Max (Kai Winding)
12. Always (Irving Berlin)
13. Long Tall Dexter (alt tk) (Dexter Gordon)
14. Long Tall Dexter (Dexter Gordon)
15. Dexter Rides Again (Dexter Gordon)
16. I Can’t Escape From You (alt tk) (L. Robin-R. Whiting)
17. I Can’t Escape From You (L. Robin-R. Whiting)
18. Dexter Digs In (alt tk) (Dexter Gordon)
19. Dexter Digs In (C) (Dexter Gordon)
20. Dexter Digs In (alt tk 2)(Dexter Gordon)

01. Rampage (Ed Finckel)
02. Vot’s Dot (Allen Eager)
03. Booby Hatch (Allen Eager)
04. Symphony Sid’s Idea (Allen Eager)
05. Jay Bird (alt tk) (J.J. Johnson)
06. Jay Bird (alt tk 2) (J.J. Johnson)
07. Jay Bird (J.J. Johnson)
08. Coppin’ The Bop (J.J. Johnson)
09. Jay Jay (alt tk) (J.J. Johnson)
10. Jay Jay (J.J. Johnson)
11. Jay Jay (alt tk 2) (J.J. Johnson)
12. Mad Be Bop (J.J. Johnson)
13. Opus De Bop (alt tk) (Hank Jones)
14. Opus De Bop (Hank Jones)
15. Opus De Bop (alt tk 2) (Hank Jones)
16. And The Angels Swing (Stan Getz)
17. Running Water (Stan Getz)
18. Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me (T. Koehler-R. Bloom)

01. Bebop In Pastel (alt tk 1) (Bud Powell)
02. Bebop In Pastel (EP master (Bud Powell)
03. Bebop In Pastel (alt tk 2) (Bud Powell)
04. Bebop In Pastel (LP master (Bud Powell)
05. Fool’s Fancy (Bud Powell)
06. Bombay (Kenny Dorham-Gil Fuller)
07. Ray’s Idea (Ray Brown-Gil Fuller)
08. Serenade To A Square (Bud Powell)
09. Good Kick (Sonny Stitt)
10. Seven Up (alt tk) (Sonny Stitt)
11. Seven Up (Sonny Stitt)
12. Blues In Bebop (Kenny Dorham)
13. Blues In Bebop (Kenny Dorham)
14. Boppin’ A Riff (Sonny Stitt)
15. Fat Boy (Fats Navarro)
16. Everything’s Cool (Fats Navarro-Gil Fuller)
17. Webb City (Bud Powell-Gil Fuller)
18. For Hecklers Only (Ray Brown-Gil Fuller)
19. Smoky Hollow Jump (Ray Brown-Gil Fuller)
20. Boppin’ The Blues (Ray Brown)
21. Moody Speaks (Dave Burns-James Moody)

01. Calling Dr. Jazz (Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis)
02. Fracture (Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis)
03. Hollerin’ And Screamin’ (Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis)
04. Stealin’ Trash (Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis)
05. Just A Mystery (Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis)
06. Red Pepper (Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis)
07. Spinal (Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis)
08. Maternity (Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis)
09. O-Go-Mo (Kai Winding)
10. Mr. Dues (Kai Winding)
11. Oh Kai (Kai’s Day) (Kai Winding)
12. Saxon (Allen Eager)
13. Fat Girl (Fats Navarro)
14. Ice Freezes Red (Fats Navarro-Tadd Dameron)
15. Eb Pob (Fats Navarro-Leo Parker)
16. Goin’ To Minton’s (Fats Navarro)
17. Pumpernickel (alt tk) (Serge Chaloff)
18. Pumpernickel (Serge Chaloff)
19. Gabardine And Serge (alt tk) (Tiny Kahn)
20. Gabardine And Serge (Tiny Kahn)
21. Serge's Urge (alt tk) (Serge Chaloff)
22. Serge's Urge (Serge Chaloff)
23. A Bar A Second (alt tk) (Serge Chaloff)
24. A Bar A Second (Serge Chaloff)

01. All Night, All Frantic (Allen Eager)
02. Donald Jay (Allen Eager)
03. Meeskite (Allen Eager)
04. And That’s For Sure(Allen Eager)
05. Goodbye To Love (John Lewis-Kenny Hagood)
06. Baby I’m Coming Home (Charles Jagelka)
07. The Way You Look Tonight (J, Kern-D. Fields)
08. El Sino (Charles Greenlee)
09. Ineta (Leo Parker)
10. Wild Leo (Leo Parker)
11. Leapin’ Leo (Leo Parker)
12. A Bebop Carol (alt tk) (Tadd Dameron)
13. A Bebop Carol (Tadd Dameron)
14. The Tadd Walk (Tadd Dameron)
15, Gone With The Wind (A. Wrubel-H. Magidson)
16. That Someone Must Be You (Tadd Dameron)
17. Nightmare Allen (alt tk) (Allen Eager)
18. Nightmare Allen (Allen Eager)
19. Church Mouse (alt tk)  (Allen Eager)
20. Church Mouse (Allen Eager)
21. Jane’s Bounce (alt tk) (Allen Eager)
22. Jane’s Bounce  (Allen Eager)
23. Unmeditated (alt tk) (Allen Eager)
24. Unmeditated (Allen Eager)

01. Nostalgia (alt tk)  (Fats Navarro)
02. Nostalgia (Fats Navarro)
03. Barry’s Bop (alt tk) (Fats Navarro)
04. Barry’s Bop (Fats Navarro)
05. Bebop Romp (alt tk)  (Fats Navarro)
06. Bebop Romp) (Fats Navarro)
07. Fats Blows (Fats Navarro)
08. Settin’ The Pace (Dexter Gordon)
09. So Easy (alt tk (Dexter Gordon)
10. So Easy (Dexter Gordon)
11. Dexter’s Riff (alt tk) (Dexter Gordon)
12. Dexter’s Riff  (Dexter Gordon)
13. Wee Dot (alt tk) (J.J. Johnson)
14. Wee Dot (alt tk 2 - incomplete) (J.J. Johnson)
15. Wee Dot (J.J. Johnson)
16. Wee Dot (alt tk 3) (J.J. Johnson)
17. Solitude (Ellington-DeLange-Mills)
18. The Lion’s Roar (alt tk) (Leo Parker)
19. The Lion’s Roar (alt tk 2 - incomplete) (Leo Parker)
20. The Lion’s Roar (Leo Parker)
21. The Lion’s Roar (alt tk 3) (Leo Parker)
22. Mad Lad Boogie (Leo Parker)

01. Dexter’s Mood (alt tk) (Dexter Gordon-Tadd Dameron)
02. Dexter’s Mood (Dexter Gordon-Tadd Dameron)
03. Dextrose (alt tk) (Tadd Dameron)
04. Dextrose  (Tadd Dameron)
05. Index (alt tk) (Dexter Gordon)
06. Index (Dexter Gordon)
07. Dextivity (alt tk) (Tadd Dameron)
08. Dextivity (Tadd Dameron)
09. Boneology (alt tk) (J.J. Johnson)
10. Boneology (J.J. Johnson)
11. Down Vernon’s Alley (alt tk) (J.J. Johnson)
12. Down Vernon’s Alley (J.J. Johnson)
13. Yesterdays (O. Harbach-J. Kern)
14. Riffette (alt tk) (J.J. Johnson)
15. Riffette (J.J. Johnson)
16. Merry Lee  (Howard McGhee)
17. Short Life (Howard McGhee)
18. It’s The Talk Of The Town (Symes-Neiberg-Livingston)
19. Bass C Jam (Byas A Drink) (alt tk) (Don Byas)
20. Bass C Jam (Byas A Drink) (Don Byas)
21. Down Home (Howard McGhee)
22. Sweet And Lovely (G. Arnheim-H. Tobias-J. Lemare)
23. Fiesta (Short Life) (Howard McGhee)
24. I’m In The Mood For Love (J. McHugh-D. Fields)

01. Flip Lip (Howard McGhee)
02. Belle From Bunnycock (alt tk) (Howard McGhee)
03. Belle From Bunnycock (Howard McGhee)
04. The Last Word (Howard McGhee)
05. The Man I Love (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)
06. On The House (Leo Parker)
07. Dinky (Leo Parker)
08. Senor Leo (Leo Parker)
09. Chase ‘N’ Lion (Leo Parker)
10. Leo’s Bells (Leo Parker)
11. Sweet Talkin’ Leo (Leo Parker)
12. Swinging For Love (Leo Parker)
13. The New Look (Leo Parker)
14. Brew Blew (alt tk) (Brew Moore)
15. Brew Blew (Brew Moore)
16. Blue Brew (alt tk) (Brew Moore)
17. Blue Brew (alt tk 2) (Brew Moore)
18. Blue Brew (Brew Moore)
19. No More Brew (Brew Moore)
20. More Brew (alt tk) (Brew Moore)
21. More Brew (Brew Moore)

01. Conglomeration (Milt Jackson)
02. Bruz (Milt Jackson)
03. You Go To My Head (J.F. Coots-H. Gillespie)
04. Roll ‘Em Bags (Kenny Clarke)
05. Faultless (Ozzie Cadena)
06. Hey Frenchy (Ozzie Cadena)
07. Hearing Bells (alt tk) (Milt Jackson)
08. Hearing Bells (Milt Jackson)
09. Junior (alt tk) (Milt Jackson)
10. Junio (Milt Jackson)
11. Bluesology (alt tk) (Milt Jackson)
12. Bluesology (Milt Jackson)
13. Bubu (Milt Jackson)
14. Stan Getz Along (alt tk) (Al Cohn)
15. Stan Gezs Alon (Al Cohn)
16. Stan’s Mood (alt tk) (Al Cohn)
17. Stan’s Mood (Al Cohn)
18. Slow (alt tk) (Al Cohn)
19. Slow (alt tk 2) (Al Cohn)
20. Slow (Al Cohn)
21. Fast (alt tk) (Al Cohn)
22. Fast (Al Cohn)

01.Audobahn (alt tk) (Sonny Rollins)
02. Audobahn  (Sonny Rollins)
03. Don’t Blame Me (J. McHugh-D. Fields)
04. Goof Square (alt tk) (Sonny Rollins)
05. Goof Square (alt tk 2) (Sonny Rollins)
06. Goof Square (Sonny Rollins)
07. Bee Jay (alt tk) (J.J. Johnson)
08. Bee Jay (J.J. Johnson)
09. Mud Bug (alt tk) (Jerry Lloyd)
10. Mud Bug (Jerry Lloyd)
11. Gold Rush (alt tk) (Gerry Mulligan)
12. Gold Rush (Gerry Mulligan)
13. Lestorian Mode (alt tk) (John Carisi)
14. Lestorian Mode (John Carisi)
15. Kai’s Kid (Kai Winding)
16. Kai’s Kid (alt tk) (Kai Winding)
17. Mean To Me  (R. Turk-F. Ahlert)
18. Blues To A Debutante (Gil Fuller)
19. The Scene Changes (Gil Fuller)
20. Tropicana (Gil Fuller)