Simon Nabatov

Monk`n`More (CD-LR 780)

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Simon Nabatov

Leo Records


LEO 149569

CD-LR 780




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As Stuart Broomer writes in his notes, the new Nabatov's recording consists of two solo recordings made 18 years apart, the first a selection of Thelonious Monk compositions from 1995, the second a concert from 2013 in which Nabatov first employed electronic technology in performance to create a pitch-bending, — expanding and — fracturing double of the piano. The result is a recording that explores time in multiple ways, whether looking at decades or cycles per second, treating the experience of chronological time as both malleable substance and a special kind of consciousness.

SIMON NABATOV, piano, live electronics

[1,3,5,7,10] Recoreded May 1995
[2,4,6,8,9] Recorded June 2013


01. Skippy
02. Electroacoustic Extension 1
03. Oska T.
04. Electroacoustic Extension 2
05. Pannonica
06. Electroacoustic Extension 3
07. Light Blue
08. Electroacoustic Extension 4
09. Sunrise Twice Redux
10. Epistrophy