Keith Ingham

New York 9 (Volume 2) (JUMP 12-19)

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New York 9 (Volume 2)

Keith Ingham



DEL 150971

JUMP 12-19



New York 9 (Volume 2)

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01. What-Cha-Call-'Em Blues (A)
02. You, You and Especially You (C)
03. If There Is Someone Lovelier Than You (F)
04. Mandy, Make up Your Mind (C)
05. I'm Making Believe (E)
06. In a Little Spanish Town (I)
07. Love Lies (A)
08. Was I to Blame / Isn't It Romantic / I Love You Much Too Much (A)
09. Dardanella (A)
10. These Foolish Things (J)
11. I Never Knew Just What a Girl Could Do (C)
12. It's Like Reaching for the Moon (D)
13. Too Late Now (H)
14. That Old Gang of Mine (A)
15. He Loves and She Loves / You Leave Me Breathless / Smoke Rings (A)
16. By the Fireside (G)
17. Did I Remember (B)
18. Improvisation for the March of Time (A)

New York, May 9-10, 11-17, 1994


(A): Keith Ingham (p); Randy Reinhart (cnt); Dan Barrett (tb); Phil Bodner (cl);
Scott Robinson (ts, ss, bs); James Chirilo (g); Murray Wall (b); Arnie Kinsella (d)

(B) Same as (a) except Barrett (tp); Reinhart (tb)

(C) Same as (a) Except Vince Giordano, bass for Murray Wall

(D) Sames as (a) omit Barrett

(E) Same as (a) omitt Reinhart and Robinson

(F) Robinson with Ingham, Chirillo, Wall, Kinsella

(G) Barrett with Chirillo, Wall, Kinsella

(H) Chirillo, solo guitar

(I) Ingham, solo piano

(J) Bodner with Ingham, Kinsella