Jen Shyu

Song of Silver Geese (PI 72)

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Song of Silver Geese

Jen Shyu

Pi Recordings


PIR 152337

PI 72



CD 12,39 €


"Song of Silver Geese" is the latest release from groundbreaking, experimental vocalist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and dancer Jen Shyu, whose critically acclaimed Sounds and Cries of the World was praised by The Nation and The New York Times as one of the best releases of the 2015.

Described by Shyu as “a multilingual, ritual music drama”, "Song of Silver Geese" combines composed structures, new improvisational systems, and vocal techniques informed by her 14 years of immersive fieldwork of various languages and traditions, including East Coast Shaman music of Korea; folkloric music and ceremonial texts from the Wehali Kingdom of West and East Timor; folk song from Hengchun, Taiwan; and Javanese "sindhenan", improvisational singing with gamelan, from Indonesia.


JEN SHYU, co-director, composition, vocals
SATOSHI HAGA, co-director, choreography, dance

Chris Dingman, vibes
Mat Maneri, viola
Thomas Morgan, bass
Satoshi Takeishi, flutes
Dan Weiss, drums

Jennifer Choi, 1st violin
Erica dicker, 2nd violin
Victor Lowrie, viola
Mariel Roberts, cello


01. Door 1: Prologue--Song of Lavan Pitinu
02. Door 2: World of Java
04. Door 4: Sinom Semarangan
03. Door 3: Dark Road, Silent Moon
05. Door 5: World of Hengchun
06. Door 6: World of Wehali
07. Door 7: World of Ati Batik
08. Door 8: World of Baridegi
09. Door 9: Contemplation