Robert Dick

Raise the River W/ Tiffany Chang (ROG-0080)

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Raise the River W/ Tiffany Chang

Robert Dick

Rogue Art


RGT 154091




CD 8,25 €

Material is the output of freely improvised music, not its input. The deliberate shaping of materials risks, at the very least, giving them a studied feel, and, at worst, rendering them inert. Dick and Chang instead use the materials they generate in one moment as a springboard to the next. In the process – and improvisation is a process, not a genre – their music surprises. Bill Shoemaker, excerpt from the liner notes


ROBERT DICK, flute, alto flute, bass flute, bass flute in F, contrabass flute, flute w. Glissando Headjoint®, open hole, little flute in G, piccolo
TIFFANY CHANG, drums, thumb piano

Recorded on February 15th 2015 by Peter Karl at Peter Karl Studios, Brooklyn, New York, USA


01. Thieves
02. Swedge
03. Bricolage
04. Nine Portions
05. Raise The River
06. This Once
07. Palindromida
08. Pirarucu
09. Recovered Memory