Solomon Burke

1960 Debut Album (Limited Edition) (408705)

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1960 Debut Album (Limited Edition)

Solomon Burke

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This essential LP release includes Burke’s underrated and eponymous debut album, Solomon Burke, originally issued by Apollo Records in 1960 and long unavailable on vinyl. Widely regarded as a landmark of early-'60s soul, the album pulses with rock and soul, featuring tight brass, great harmonies, and emotive singing by Burke. These seminal tracks are a perfect introduction for anyone wanting to explore the early recordings from Solomon’s discography. The material consists of a variety of the great songs he cut for the Apollo label between 1955 and 1957. Burke’s debut LP also features a virtual who's who of fabulous musicians, including King Curtis, Hank Jones, Al Caiola, Mickey Baker, and The Ray Charles Singers, among others. In addition to the original album, this limited collector’s edition includes 4 bonus tracks from the same period: “Friendship Ring”, “I’m Not Afraid”, “This Little Ring”, and the splendid “Keep the Magic Working”. Conquering hearts, moving hips and electrifying fans in ways no one thought possible, the Philadelphia born legend’s soul-stirring smashes and charismatic presence captured the imagination of young people like no one else from his era. This is the material upon which the King of Rock and Soul's legend was built.


SOLOMON BURKE, lead vocals, plus:

Al Caiola, mickey Baker or Bucky Pizzarelli (guitar), Art Davis (bass), howard Biggs or hank Jones (piano), Bob mosley (organ), Gary Chester (drums), the Ray Charles singers (backing vocals), King Curtis (tenor saxophone), Leon cohen (alto saxophone), among others. Further personnel information is detailed inside.

Recorded in New York City, between 1955 and 1960.


01. No Man Walks Alone
02. Why Do Me That Way
03. You Are My One Love
04. Don’t Cry
05. I’m All Alone
06. A Picture of you
07. FriendshIP Ring*
08. I’m Not Afraid*


09. Walking In A Dream
10. For You And You Alone
11. I’m In Love
12. To Thee
13. I Need You Tonight
14. You Can Run, But you Can’t Hide
15. This Little Ring*
16. Keep The MAgic Working*


“Friendship Ring”: Solomon Burke (lead vocals), further personnel information is unknown. Recorded in New York City, probably 1959.

“I’m Not Afraid”: & “This Little Ring”: Solomon Burke (lead vocals), Leon Cohen (alto saxophone), Billy Bauer or George Barnes (guitar), Wendell Marshall  (bass), Ted Sommer (drums), Marcia Patterson, Elise Bretton, Lilian Clark, Charles Cassey, Jerry Duane, Mike Steward, Alan Sokoloff (backing vocals). Arranged and conducted by Ray Ellis. Recorded in New York City, November 1959.

“Keep The MAgic Working”: Solomon Burke (lead vocals), George Barnes (guitar), Wendell Marshall  (bass), Moe Wechsler (piano), Bert Keyes (organ). Unknown drums and backing vocals. Arranged and conducted by Ray Ellis. Produced by Jerry Wexler. Recorded in New York City, 1960.