Dino Saluzzi

Digipak - Andina (ECM 1375)

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Digipak - Andina

Dino Saluzzi

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ECM 1375



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Each title on Andina, Dino Saluzzi’s second solo album for ECM, describes a different facet of the bandoneón prodigy’s creative process. He is the forlorn sonic architect, using melody to construct a world of indelible impressions, and perhaps nowhere more so than in “Memories,” which in both concept and execution seems the culmination of his notecraft and the spirit on which it thrives. Saluzzi makes an organ of his instrument, suspending a new ornament from every echoed moment, each a forgiving step into a shaded past. And in that past we encounter a life in miniature.

DINO SALUZZI, bandeon, flute

Recorded May 1988 at Rainbow Studio, Oslo.


01. Dance - In The Morning
02. Winter
03. Transmutation - Romanza And Toccata
04. Remoteness - ...And The Years Went By
05. Tango Of Oblivion
5a. Introduction
5b. Dance
5c. The End
06. Choral - The Man Of The Miracles
07. Waltz For Verena
08. Andina
8a. Toccata (My Father)
8b. Huaino (...My Small Town)
8c. The End (...And The Days Arrived)
O9. Memories