Ralph Towner

Diary (ECM 1032)

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Ralph Towner

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ECM 154981

ECM 1032



CD 8,25 €

This is about as intimate as music gets. Diary features Towner on guitars and piano via overdubs, creating a layered sound that is at once dialectical and univocal. The recording gives Towner vast space in which to work, pushing his reach ever skyward. His guitar lines drip like liquid mercury, beading apart and reforming in continually novel ways. As with much of Towner’s work, Diary gives us a series of pictures, or perhaps even an array of lenses through which to view the same scene from different perspectives or times.


  • RALPH TOWNER, 12-string and classical guitar, piano, gongs

Recorded April 4 and 5, 1973.


  • 01. Dark Spirit
  • 02. Entry in a Diary
  • 03. Images Unseen
  • 04. Icarus
  • 05. Mon Enfant
  • 06. Ogden Road
  • 07. Erg
  • 08, The Silence of a Candle