Steve Tibbetts

Digipak - Northern Song (ECM 1218)

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Digipak - Northern Song

Steve Tibbetts

ECM Touchstones


ECM 154964

ECM 1218



CD 8,25 €

With Nothern Song, Steve Tibbetts made his ECM debut and introduced listeners to what remains one of the label’s most enchanting, if slowly unfolding, maps. The cover seems to tell us everything: silhouettes of islands superimposed on the journey that takes us to them, as if the dream of arrival were potent enough to burn itself across the rearview mirror of our lives


STEVE TIBBETTS, guitars, kalimba, tape loops
MARC ANDERSON, congas, bongos, percussion

Recorded October 26-28, 1981, at Talent Studio, Oslo


01. The Big Wind
02. Form
03. Walking
04. Aerial View
05. Nine Doors / Breathing Space