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The Art Ensemble of Chicago + Associated Ensembles (ECM 2630)

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The Art Ensemble of Chicago + Associated Ensembles

Art Ensemble of Chicago



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ECM 2630



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The Art Ensemble of Chicago and Associated Ensembles is a 21-CD limited and numbered edition issued as the standard-bearers of Great Black Music prepare to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Both the Art Ensemble of Chicago and ECM Records were founded in 1969, and there have been many shared experiences. As Roscoe Mitchell says, “It has been amazing to have taken this journey together.” With their first ECM album, the widely-acclaimed Nice Guys, the Art Ensemble’s revolutionary and polystylistic “ancient to the future” mix of musics - from the deeply spiritual to the fiercely experimental - was illuminated in new detail in Manfred Eicher’s panoramic production, and the stage set for many adventures to follow. These included the albums Full Force, Urban Bushmen, and The Third Decade with the classic AEC quintet line up of Roscoe Mitchell, Joseph Jarman, Lester Bowie, Malachi Favors Maghostut and Famoudou Don Moye.


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Recorded from 1978 - 2015


CD 1: I: Art Ensemble of Chicago: Nice Guys

CD 2: II: Art Ensemble of Chicago: Full Force

CD 3: III: Art Ensemble of Chicaco: Urban Bushmen

CD 4: IV: Art Ensemble of Chicago: The Third Decade

CD 5: V: Leo Smith - Divine Love

CD 6: VI: Lester Bowie - The Great Pretender

CD 7: VII: Lester Bowie: All The Magic!/The One and Only

CD 8: VIII: Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy - I Only Have Eyes For You

CD 9: IX: Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy - Avant Pop

CD 10: X: Art Ensemble of Chicago - Tribute to Lester

CD 11: XI: Roscoe Mitchell, The Not Factory - Nine To Get Ready

CD 12: XII: Roscoe Mitchell Compositions/Improvisation Nos. 1,2 & 3

CD 13: XIII: Evan Parker - bOUSTROPHEDON (In Sox Furrows)

CD 14: XIV: Roscoe Mitchell and The Note Factory - Far Side

CD 15: XV: Roscoe Mitchell - Bells For The South Side

CD 16: XVI: Jack DeJohnette - New Directions

CD 17: XVII: Jack DeJohnette - New Directions In Europe

CD 18: XVIII: Jack DeJohnette - Made In Chicago

CD 19 - 21: I - XVIII: Art Esemble of Chicago and associated ensembles