Zoot Sims

Meets Lambert Hendricks and Ross, Los Angeles 1959 (FSRCD 601)

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Meets Lambert Hendricks and Ross, Los Angeles 1959

Zoot Sims

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Meets Lambert Hendricks and Ross, Los Angeles 1959

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Featuring: Zoot Sims, Bill Perkins (ts), Russ Freeman (p), Freddie Green, Jim Hall, Billy Bean (g), Eddie Jones, Monty Budwig (b), Sonny Payne, Mel Lewis, Frank Capp (d), Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross (vcl)

Although Zoot Sims was born in Inglewood, in southwest downtown Los Angeles, he is always regarded as one of the great talents of the New York scene, to which he had moved in 1955, tired of the jazz they played on the West Coast and looking for fresh excitement. A follower of Lester Young, he became one of the most innovative tenor saxophonists of his generation. In March 1959 he went back to Los Angeles for a month. The first night, he was offered a spot in the Terry Gibbs band.

Highly regarded by the musicians, he was much in demand in clubs around the L.A. area. And, significantly, he also joined as a featured tenor soloist in two remarkable albums for the World Pacific Jazz Records label. The first was The Swingers!, by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, who added vocals to famous instrumentals and had become the hottest singing group in the country. The second, A Gasser! featured the talented voice of Annie Ross, with Zoot booting her along, and swinging superbly in his own solos.During these sessions, Zoot and the rhythm sections—which included Russ Freeman on piano, and guitarists Freddie Green, Jim Hall, and Billy Bean—also recorded some instrumental sides that were issued on several LP compilations later on.

All the recordings from these two albums are gathered here for the first time in chronological order, including two tracks recorded after Zoot had returned to New York, on which he would be replaced by Bill Perkins. It had been a memorable visit, as these recordings amply prove.


CD 1

Tracks #1-10 from Lambert-Hendricks-Ross "The Swingers"(World Pacific WP1264)
Track #11 from "More Drums On Fire" (World Pacific WP1261)

CD 2

Tracks #1-5, 8-9, 11 & 13-14: from Annie Ross "A Gasser!" (World Pacific WP1285)
Track #6 from "More Drums On Fire" (World Pacific WP1261)
Track #7 not originally issued in LP.
Track #10 from "Jazz West Coast, Vol.5" (Jazz West Coast JWC511)
Track #12 from "The Blues, Vol.3" (World Pacific JWC512)

Personnel on CD 1:
CD 1 Zoot Sims (ts, out #2, 5, 8), Russ Freeman (p), Freddie Green (g), Jim Hall (g on #8-11), Eddie Jones (b), Monty Budwig (b on #11), Sonny Payne (d), Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross (vcl).
Recorded at The Crescendo, Hollywood, on March 21 (#1-7), and March 24 (#8-11), 1959.

Personnel on CD 2:
Zoot Sims (ts, out on #2), Russ Freeman (p), Jim Hall (g), Billy Bean (g on #8-12), Monty Budwig (b), Mel Lewis (d), Frank Capp (d on #11), Annie Ross (vcl, out #6, 7, 10 & 12).
Recorded at Sound Enterprises, Hollywood, on March 25 (#1-7) and March 26 (#8-12), 1959.

Personnel on bonus tracks:
Bill Perkins (ts), Russ Freeman (p), Jim Hall (g), Monty Budwig (b), Mel Lewis (d) and Annie Ross (vcl).
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, July 9 (#13-14), 1959.
CD 2, tracks 6, 10 & 12 also issued on Zoot Sims "Choice" (Pacific Jazz PJ-20)
CD 2, tracks 6 & 7 are different versions of the same tune.


CD 1

01. Little Niles (3:28)
02. Jackie (2:02)
03. Four (4:12)
04. Swingin' till the Girls Come Home (5:06)
05. Where (2:55)
06. Babe's Blues (3:15)
07. Airegin (3:30)
08. Now's the Time (2:57)
09. Dark Cloud (3:31)
10. Love Makes the World Go 'Round (3:44)
11. Clap Hands! Here Comes Charlie (6:50)

CD 2

01. Everything I've Got Belongs to You (2:54)
02. I Didn't Know About You (5:30)
03. I Was Doing All Right (2:35)
04. You Took Advantage of Me (3:52)
05. I Don't Want to Cry Anymore (6:00)
06. Brushes (5:39)
07. Bones for Zoot (4:22)
08. Lucky Day (2:13)
09. Invitation to the Blues (4:11)
10. You're Driving Me Crazy (4:49)
11. Nobody's Baby (2:54)
12. Funky Old Blues (4:25)
13. You’re Nearer (5:04) (*) Bonus Track
14. Lucky So and So (4:07) (*) Bonus Track

Total time: 102 min.

24-Bit Digitally Remastered