Shirley Horn

Songs of Lost Love Sung by Shirley Horn (FSRCD 596)

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Songs of Lost Love Sung by Shirley Horn

Shirley Horn

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Songs of Lost Love Sung by Shirley Horn

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Featuring: Shirley Horn (vcl & p), Al Gafa (g), Joe Benjamin, Lewis Packer, Marshall T. Harris (b), Herb Lovelle, Harry Saunders, Bernard Sweetney (d).

Shirley Horn was an accomplished pianist who happened to sing extremely well - infinitely superior to almost all of the many so-called jazz singers who were much better known than she was. Shirley Horn sang like Shirley Horn and no one else. There are no mannerisms borrowed from other singers, no phony funk or resorting to cliché. Her control of vibrato was enough to make her exceptional, but her approach to a pretty song was a mature one. As one of the most pleasing and most musical singers in the business: she embraced the melody, without strain or fuss and her singing was unpretentious and full of grace.

This CD set presents her first album, Embers and Ashes, a gem that, considering her eminent reputation and a host of admirers including Miles Davis, remained incomprehensibly forgotten after its release in 1960, and another outstanding album she recorded years later under the title Where Are You Going. Both deserve to be reissued for the benefit of all her fans.


01. Like Someone in Love (2:30)
02. He Never Mentioned Love (3:19)
03. Softly As in a Morning Sunrise 3:20)
04. I Thought About You (3:02)
05. Mountain Greenery (2:16)
06. God Bless the Child (3:38)
07. Blue City (3:32)
08. Day by Day (2:32)
09. If I Should Lose You (3:20)
10. Wild Is the Wind (3:42)
11. Come Rain or Come Shine (2:53)
12. Just in Time (2:07)
13. Where Are You Going (4:25)
14. Something Happens to Me (2:12)
15. Come on Home (2:32)
16. Do It Again (7:06)
17. The Eagle and Me (3:22)
18. Taste of Honey (5:42)
19. L.A. Breakdown (4:48)
20. Consequences of a Drug Addict Role (6:03)

Total time: 73:00 min.

LP Sources:
Tracks #1-12 from the 12" LP
"Embers and Ashes"
(Stere-O-Craft #16)

Tracks #13-20 from the 12" LP
"Where Are You Going"
(Perception Records Stereo PLP 31)

Personnel on "Embers and Ashes" :
Shirley Horn (vcl & p), Joe Benjamin (b), Herb Lovelle (d). Lewis Packer, and Harry Saunders, replace Benjamin & Lovelle on #8.
Recorded in New York City, 1960.

Personnel on "Where Are You Going" :
Shirley Horn (vcl & p), Marshall T. Harris (b),
Bernard Sweetney (d) and Al Gafa (g, except on #13, 18, 20).
Recorded in New York City, 1972.