Alvin Queen

OP - A tribute to Oscar Peterson (STULP 18151)

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OP - A tribute to Oscar Peterson

Alvin Queen



LPS 157494

STULP 18151



LP 15,69 €

A tribute to the late Oscar Peterson – but one that may well smoke more than any recording by the man himself – thanks to rock-solid work on drums from the great Alvin Queen! Queen's spent most of his life away from these shores, but he continues to blow us away with the inventiveness of his approach – a style that's subtle, but which always has that little "something extra" that can make one jazz album stand out from the next – as is definitely the case here! Peterson's position in the trio is handed by Danish pianist Zier Romme Larsen – a gifted player with a nice balance between lyricism and groove – and the bass in the trio is from Ida Hvid, a contemporary of Larsen.


  • IDA HVIC, bass
  • ALVIN QUEEN, drums

Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2018.


  • A1. Sushi
  • A2. Nightingale
  • A3. Jesus Christ Lies Here Tonight
  • A4. Wheatland
  • A5. Cake Walk
  • A6. The Last Supper
  • B1. It Happened in Monterey
  • B2. When Summer Comes
  • B3. Reunion Blues
  • B4. Hero
  • B5. Hymn to Freedom