Ze Roberto

Lotus 72 D (7 Inch Single) (MRB7156)

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Lotus 72 D (7 Inch Single)

Ze Roberto

Mr Bongo Records


LPS 157688




SINGLE - 7 INCH 14,04 €

7 Inch Single

Since its release in 1973, Ze Roberto's debut single Lotus 72 D has become something of an in-demand item amongst collectors of soul-fired Brazilian "MPB". So much so, in fact, that Mr Bongo has licensed it and served up this 7" reissue.

In its original A-side form, the track is a carnival-ready slab of samba-soul brilliance rich in razor-sharp horn blasts, rich bass guitar, punchy hand-percussion and twinkling jazz piano solos. Roberto's confident vocals take centre stage, inviting us towards the dancefloor.

Over on the flip you'll find a "Fast Version" of Roberto's tribute to 1972 Formula 1 champ Emerson Fittipaldi. This has a slightly more dancefloor-centric tempo, an effect achieved when it was accidentally pitched up for inclusion on a 2001 compilation.


  • SIDE A: Lotus 72 D (Original)
  • SIDE B: Lotus 72 D (Fast)