Ran Blake

Northern Noir (SCCD31899)

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Northern Noir

Ran Blake



SLC 159494




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As people started talking about pianist/composer Ran Blake in the 60s - as one of the striking, inventive modern players of his generation, with his unorthodox sounding musical style, a legend was born. His unique style is stemming from the special genre of 60s movies categorized as "Film Noir". Blake thrived as a unique artist and at the same time as a devoted educator at the prestigious New England Conservatory of Boston where the young Canadian saxophonist/composer Andrew Rathbun was tutored and nurtured by this guru.

The idea of this album was conceived eight years ago and came into fruition here presenting 18 gems created by the two genius minds.

"In a career that now spans five decades, pianist Ran Blake has created a unique niche in improvised music as an artist and educator." - All About Jazz

"Since his debut as a leader in 1999, Andrew Rathbun has developed into one of the compelling saxophonists and composers of his generation...He covers a lot of ground stylistically while his originals succeed on many levels, especially conveying emotion or projecting stimulating imagery." - Ken Dryden, The New York City Jazz Record on 'Numbers and Letters' (SCCD 31781).


  • Ran Blake, piano
  • Andrew Rathbun, tenor sax


  • 1. Strange Fruit
  • 2. Dr. Mabuse The Gambler
  • 3. The Spiral Staircase
  • 4. Midnight Sun
  • 5. The Wild One
  • 6. For George
  • 7. Pannonica
  • 8. Judy
  • 9. Of The Little North Wind
  • 10. For Wayne
  • 11. I Should Care
  • 12. Laura
  • 13. There's Been A Change
  • 14. For Kenny
  • 15. Vertigo
  • 16. Streetcar Named Desire
  • 17. Throw It Away
  • 18. Strange Fruit