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Maria Maria (5060114368170)

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Maria Maria

Milton Nascimento

Far Out


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Far Out Recordings proudly presents Milton Nascimento’s Maria Maria. Recorded in 1974 and unreleased until almost thirty years later, the album was written as the soundtrack to a ballet which dealt with the legacy of slavery in Brazil. Raw, atmospheric and emotionally charged, Maria Maria reveals one of Brazil’s greatest ever songwriters at his creative peak.

Featuring an all-star cast of fellow Brazilian legends including Nana Vasconcelos, Joao Donato, Paulinho Jobim, and members of Som Imaginario, Maria Maria holds what Milton considers to be the definitive versions of some of his classic songs, including ‘Os Escravos De Jó‘ and ‘Maria Maria’.

Milton Nascimento possesses one of the most immediately recognizable voices in Brazilian music: high and sweet and as breathtakingly sublime as that of any soul singer. It was this voice that the legendary Brazilian singer Elis Regina fell in love with back in 1964, having heard Milton perform his song ‘Can o do Sal (Sultry Song)’ at a private party in Sao Paulo. Ellis went on to record the song in 1967 -giving Milton his first hit in Brazil and beginning a career that has spanned over 50 years.


  • LP ONE
  • A1 Maria Maria
  • A2 Cozinha
  • A3 Pilar (Do Pilá)
  • A4 Trabalhos (Essa Voz)
  • B1 Lilia
  • B2 A Chamada
  • B3 Era Rei e Sou Escravo
  • B4 Os Escravos de Jó
  • B5 Tema Dos Deuses
  • _____________________________
  • LP TWO
  • C1 Santos Católicos X Candomblé
  • C2 Pai Grande
  • C3 Sedução
  • D1 Francisco
  • D2 Maria Solidária
  • D3 De Repente Maria Sumiu
  • D4 Eu Sou Uma Preta Velha Aqui Sentada Ao Sol
  • D5 Boca a Boca
  • D6 Maria Maria (Nova Maria)