Ran Blake

That Certain Feeling - (George Gershwin Songbook) (JAZZ)

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That Certain Feeling - (George Gershwin Songbook)

Ran Blake



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That Certain Feeling - (George Gershwin Songbook)

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From the liner notes:

Songs – with or without lyrics – being no less than stories, and the best songs of George (and frequently Ira) Gershwin being stories of the first order, any number of these exhilarating moments are to be heard on this disc, a result of the material (Gershwin’s) inspiring the imagination of the improviser, Ran Blake. Blake’s art is wholly a product of his acute attention (to the stories, images, and utterances of his imagination) and integrity (in the formal process of making music, spontaneously). Even with songs as familiar as Gershwin’s, so ingrained in our hearts and our history, we can be surprised by the possibilities of expression which Blake (and Ricky Ford, and Steve Lacy) offers us, precisely because of his rejection of the familiar, the literal, the expected, the commonly intended. So stark, evocative, and eloquent is his music that it does sometimes seem that what he is doing is giving shape to smoke in the air. - Art Lange


RAN BLAKE, piano
RICKY FORD, tenor saxophone
STEVE LACY, soprano saxophone

Recorded in Zürich, July 3 & 4, 1990.


01 .Ouverture I
02. Mine
03. It Ain't Necessarily So
04. The Man I Love
05. Oh Where's My Bess? I
06. Blues
07. Strike Up The Band
08. What Do You Want Wid Bess?
09. I Got Rhythm
10. That Certain Feeling I
11. Ouverture II
12. Someone To Watch Over Me
13. But Not For Me
14. Who Cares?
15. Liza
16. Clara, Clara
17. Oh Where's My Bess? II
18. 's Wonderful
19. That Certain Feeling II