Martin Brandlmayr

Trapist - Higway My Friend (JAZZ)

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OGY 586

Trapist - Higway My Friend

Martin Brandlmayr



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Trapist - Higway My Friend

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From the liner notes:

Faith in wide time frames and a preference for self-supporting structures allow the musicians to dispense with fixed patterns or forms. In doing so, they create this hybrid music, which defies explanation in the discourse of both the improvisers, even the free ones, and the composers, even those who stick to open formats. This is a matter of an interwoven three-step. The single steps aren't really new, they are, however, applied without compromise, fragmented further, and questioned not matter what. Thus they throw a new light upon the creation of music: the need to employ an aesthetic filter, the development of supporting structures, and the possibilities of storing and repeating. — Christian Scheib

Martin Brandlmayr (drums, percussion)
Martin Siewert (guitar, lapsteel, electronics)
Joe Williamson (bass, trackball)

Recorded live at Rhiz Vienna on October 5, 2000.