Alice Coltrane

Africa - Live At The Carnegie Hall 1971 (FOX026)

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Africa - Live At The Carnegie Hall 1971

Alice Coltrane

Alternative Fox


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A fantastic live performance from Alice Coltrane – and one that features a very heavy-hitting group, one that features both Pharoah Sanders and Archie Shepp on tenor, in a spirit that's as strong and righteous as Alice's Ptah The El Daoud album! The set features one long track – a reading of the John Coltrane tune "Africa" – soaring, stretched out, and done in a very spiritual way by the whole group – building in intensity, but also with moments of more contemplative energy too. The lineup features two bassists – Jimmy Garrison and Cecil McBee – two drummers – Ed Blackwell and Clifford Jarvis – plus tambura from Tulsi and harmonium from Kumar Kramer – all laid out with both piano and harp from Alice Coltrane herself.


  • Alice Coltrane - piano, harp
  • Pharoah Sanders - sax, flute, percussion
  • Archie Shepp - sax, percussion
  • Jimmy Garrison, Cecil McBee- bass
  • Ed Blackweel, Clifford Jarvis - drums
  • Tulsi - tambura
  • Kumar Kramer - harmonium

New York, February 21, 1971


  • A1. Africa Part One (13:45)
  • B1. Africa Part Two (14:23)