Jean-Luc Cappozzo

Grey Matter w/Gerry Hemingway (NBCD 063)

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Grey Matter w/Gerry Hemingway

Jean-Luc Cappozzo



NBS 161545

NBCD 063



CD 12,39 €

The album liners disclose that 2° 'etage improvises with the panache of storytellers, painters and poets. Starkly expressive, the program is sculpted with a mindset that parlays the old adage, "let the chips fall where they may," largely framed on airy dialogues, minimalism and unorthodox soundscapes. They work from a platform, consisting of fractured passages and take their time unraveling themes other than spots where eminent drummer Gerry Hemingway interjects rumbling fills into a broad plane of free-flowing exchanges.


  • Jean Luc Cappozzo - trumpet, bugle
  • Christine Wodrascka - piano
  • Gerry Hemingway - percussion

Recorded live at Le Carré Bleu, France, October 18th, 2012


  • 01. Echappée Belle
  • 02. Rivulet
  • 03. The Sheriff Arrives
  • 04. Grey Matter
  • 05. Possession
  • 06. Up Down
  • 07. The Ghost Train
  • 08. Tanz Ende