Ron Jefferson

Ron Jefferson Choir (Audiophile Reissue) (SR23/1)

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Ron Jefferson Choir (Audiophile Reissue)

Ron Jefferson

Sam Records


LPS 161948




LP 24,78 €



Pressed by PALLAS in Germany

An amazing record that predates many ideas in soul jazz by a decade! Drummer Ron Jefferson was a lesser-known member of the LA bebop scene of the late 50s and early 60s, but by the time he cut this album for French Polygram in the mid 60s, he'd been to Africa, and had discovered a whole new set of musical visions – many of which are worked out in this unique trio session that features bassist Roland Haynes, guitarist Buz Saviano, and Jefferson himself on flute and drums. The music is incredibly spiritual, righteous, and free – and sounds much more like something you'd find on a hip American underground label1975, than it does a French session from the 60s – especially on side two, which features a long track that mixes more freethinking work on guitar with the kind of work on drums that should have made Jefferson a legend – very different than on his other recordings. The span of playing is amazing, and despite the seemingly familiar trio setting, the group hits a wide range of sounds as they play through a set of Jefferson's unique compositions like "Africa The Beautiful", "Every Little Bit Helps", "Fu Yu", and "The Speaker".


  • Buz Saviano - guitar
  • Roland Haynes - bass
  • Ron Jefferson - drums, flute

Recorded in Paris on September 23rd 1965


  • SIDE A
  • A1. The Speaker
  • A2. Africa The Beautiful
  • A3. Fu Yu
  • SIDE B
  • 01. Every Little Bit Helps