Sun Ra

Dark Myth Equation Visitation (STRUT227LP)

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Dark Myth Equation Visitation

Sun Ra



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Live recordings from cosmic-jazz-grandmaster Sun Ra's Arkestra tour in Egypt during the 1970s. Dark Myth Equation Visitation, also known as Live In Egypt Vol. I or Nature’s God, was recorded in 1971. Side one of the LP features a recording of a TV performance, including an interview, and side two fronts tracks recorded during a concert in Heliopolis near Cairo.

The impact and significance of these few weeks upon Sun Ra can be measured by the growth and development of his output over the next few years; the immediate post-Egypt period included new studio and live recordings on the Saturn, Blue Thumb, Atlantic and Impulse labels and the Space Is The Place movie. Ra also edited the three LPs of the Live In Egypt series which were subsequently released on his Saturn record label and its affiliated twin, Thoth Intergalactic: Dark Myth Equation Visitation, Nidhamu and Horizon.


  • John Gilmore - tenor sax, percussion
  • Danny Davis - alto sax, flute
  • Marshall Allen - alto sax, flute, oboe
  • Kwamw Hadi - trumpet, conga drums
  • Pat Patrick - baritone sax
  • Elo Omoe - bass clarine
  • Tommy Hunter - percussion
  • Danny Thompson - baritone sax, flute
  • June Tyson - vocals
  • Larry Narthington - alto sax, coga drums
  • Lex Humphries - percussion
  • Hakim Rahim - alto sax, flute
  • Sun Ra - organ, moog, piano


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Discipline 27
  • A2. Interview With Ra
  • A3. Solar Ship Voyage
  • A4. Interview With Ra [concluded]
  • A5. Cosmo-Darkness
  • A6. The Light Thereof
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Friendly Galaxy No. 2
  • B2. To Nature's God
  • B3. Why Go To The Moon?