Juozas Milasius

Live At Willisau, 1993 (NBLP 138)

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Live At Willisau, 1993

Juozas Milasius


NBLP 138

LPS 162081

NBLP 138



LP 14,03 €

Juozas Milašius, Dalius Naujokaitis-Naujo and Tomas Kutavicius were the most provocative figures on the Lithuanian scene in the 1990s. Playing bebop or following the Ganelin Trio tradition was not the their thing back then (and it is not in 2021 either). They played passionately and intensely and beyond genre boundaries. Stories about destroyed pianos and audiences running away from venues are still alive.


  • Juozas Milašius - guitar
  • Tomas Kutavicius - piano
  • Dalius Naujokaitis - drums
  • and The Lithuanian Young Composers Orchestra

Recorded live 26th August, 1993 at Willisau Festival, Switzerland


  • SIDE A:
  • 01. String Walker (For Long Tensed Metal Wire And Guitar)
  • 02. Sailor's Nightmare
  • SIDE B:
  • 01. Play Me
  • 02. Reflection Nebula