Red Trio

Suite 10 Years Anniversary W/Celebration Band (NBCD 136/137)

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Suite 10 Years Anniversary W/Celebration Band

Red Trio


NBCD 136/137

NBS 162078

NBCD 136/137



CD 16,52 €

The Portugues RED Trio is without a doubt one of the best piano trios in Europe. The trio of Rodrigo Pinheiro on piano, Hernani Faustino on bass and Gabriel Ferrandini on drums has received a lot of positive reviews over the years.

Now, we get this memorable album with the "celebration band", an ad hoc group of musicians, primarily also from Portugal but with the addition of some partners on the previous albums such as John Butcher and Matthias Stahl. The other members are Sei Miguel and Luís Vicente on trumpet, Fala Mariam on trombone, Pedro Sousa and Rodrigo Amado on tenor saxophone, Nuno Torres on alto saxophone, Ernesto Rodrigues on viola, Ricardo Jacinto and Miguel Mira on cello, Carlos Santos on electronics, Miguel Abreu on voice and electric bass, and David Maranha on percussion.

The performance was recorded to celebrate their tenth anniversary at the Teatro Maria Matos in February 2018. The theater itself commissioned the concert "Suite", a work in three acts, each written by one of the three founding members, and deliberately composed for the ensemble mentioned above.


  • Rodrigo Pinheiro - piano
  • Hernani Faustino - double bass
  • Gabriel Ferrandini - drums and percussion
  • Sei Miguel - trumpet
  • Luís Vicente - trumpet
  • Fala Mariam - trombone
  • John Butcher - tenor and soprano saxophone
  • Pedro Sousa - tenor saxophone
  • Rodrigo Amado - tenor saxophone
  • Nuno Torres - alto saxophone
  • Ernesto Rodrigues - violav
  • Ricardo Jacinto - cello
  • Miguel Mira - cello
  • Mattias Ståhl - vibraphone
  • Carlos Santos - electronics
  • Miguel Abreu - voice, electric bassv
  • David Maranha - percussion

Recording at Teatro Maria Matos on February 10th, 201


  • 01. Corrente ..... 32:58
  • 02. Mais Vale .....28:13
  • 03. Ditirambo ..... 42:11