Tim Maia

Tim Maia (1977) (8435008875398)

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Tim Maia (1977)

Tim Maia



LPS 162253




LP 20,65 €


70s soul from Brazil – and a tremendously strong effort from the legendary Tim Maia!

This record was Tim's first after an initial run on Polydor – and it shows Maia tightening up his groove even more, but still avoiding the slicker sounds of later years. There's a really focused sound here that's totally great – one that shows that Maia's work was hardly just some happy cross-cultural accident, and instead the careful work of an artist who was out to challenge the best American soul acts of the time!

There's a warm little groove to most of the tracks – tripping along lightly in the vein of some of our favorite US mellow soul from the mid 70s – an approach that's mostly soul, but with some funky undercurrents – and often smooth, but never cloying or overly commercial.

  • SIDE A
  • A1. Pense Menos
  • A2. Sem Você
  • A3. Verão Carioca
  • A4. Feito Para Dançar
  • A5. É Necessário
  • A6. Leva O Meu Blue
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Venha Dormir Em Casa
  • B2. Música Para Betinha
  • B3. Não Esquente A Cabeça
  • B4. Ride Twist And Roll
  • B5. Flores Belas (Instrumental)
  • B6. Let It All Hang Out