Milford Graves

The Complete Yale Concert w/Don Pullen (Cvsdcd075)

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The Complete Yale Concert w/Don Pullen

Milford Graves

Corbett vs. Dempsey


CVD 162428




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Groundbreaking early work from drummer Milford Graves and pianist Don Pullen – a set of long, free improvisations that were originally issued on Graves' Self-Reliance Productions label – combined here for the first time ever! The music is even more striking than sounds from the time on the ESP label – and also really predates some of the freer work of this type from the European scene – as Graves is a monster on the drum kit and a range of percussion, reaching out with this scope of sound and deft command of his hands that's simply breathtaking – matched by energy from Pullen that really surpasses some of his later work too – almost Cecil Taylor-like vibes at points, mixed with other elements that are in a more familiar mode for the pianist. The set features five long improvisations, each a numbered variant with the title "PG"


  • Milford Graves - drums
  • Don Pullen - piano

Recorded at Yale University on April 30, 1966.


  • 01. P.G. I
  • 02. P.G. II
  • 03. P.G. IIIv
  • 04. P.G. IV
  • 05. P.G. V