Mega Wave Orchestra

Mega Wave Orchestra (Limited Edition) (LVLP-1905)

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Mega Wave Orchestra (Limited Edition)

Mega Wave Orchestra



LPS 162439




LP 24,78 €

The music on this compilation was, for the most part, originally released privately in Geneva as a box set containing five LPs by The Mega Wave Orchestra and five prints by the artist Richard Reimann. The Mega Wave Orchestra, the brain-child of musician, mathematician and composer Christian Oestreicher, was conceived as an multi-media electronic music orchestra.

The Mega Wave Orchestra created a new hybrid music. It was a music with roots in the jazz and classical traditions, but one which also drew on the sonic freedom of musique concrete and the kind of total experience offered by psychedelia. The diverse backgrounds and specialisms of each of the band leaders/writers resulted in a wide variety of music: from austere drones and granular aural detail to warm oddball fusion and gorgeous but cracked vocal jazz.


  • SIDE A
  • 01. M7
  • 02. Seq
  • 03. Kastelli
  • 04. 5t
  • 05. Danse De Jason V
  • SIDE B
  • 01. Un Orage De Plastique
  • 02. Mirage
  • 03. Boléro - 3ème Mouvement
  • 04. Danse De Jason (Reprise)
  • 05. Verte Prairie
  • 06. Mosquito