Steve Potts

Musique Pour Le Film D'Un Ami (FFL062)

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Musique Pour Le Film D'Un Ami

Steve Potts



LPS 162497




LP 18,17 €

In 1975, Steve Potts left Steve Lacy for a time to compose Musique pour le Film d’un Ami following the proposition from the film’s director Joaquín Lledó. With guest musicians of quality and from vairied horizons (Ambrose Jackson, Jean-Jacques Avenel, Frank Abel, Elie Ferré, Christian Escoudé…), the saxophonise recorded a soundtrack ranging from modal jazz to free funk and from dirty grooves, to java wah-wah with disconcerting elegance. Rather than blaxploitation, Potts and his group offer us their mixploitation made in Paris which would be recognised way beyond the boundaries of La Défense.


  • Steve Potts - alto saxophone, soprano saxophone.
  • Joss Basselli – accordion.
  • Elie Ferré - acoustic guitar, electric Guitar.
  • Keno Speller – bongos.
  • Gus Nemeth, Jean-Jacques Avenel - doublebass.
  • Donny Donable, Kenny Tyler – drums.
  • Christian Escoudé - electric guitar.
  • Frank Abel – piano


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Marie-France
  • A2. Tango
  • A3. Antigone
  • A4. Bhagavad-Gitá
  • A5. Route 69
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Java
  • B2. Mary-Jo
  • B3. Poème
  • B4. Street Blues
  • B5. Rock (La Défense)
  • B6. Java