Abdullah Ibrahim

Dream Time (ENJ-9676-1)

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Dream Time

Abdullah Ibrahim



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LP 16,49 €

This solo concert from the legendary South African pianist Abdullah Ibrahim, was recorded in March, 2019 in his new homeland of Bavaria. The resultant album Dream Time choreographs this subtly stirring recital and acts as a timelessly beautiful self portrait of the artist.

The performance is calm yet exuding a gripping power. In prelude, so tones gently reveal the initial melodic content. Motifs emerge in echo, making way for a complete melodic statement refined through minute, unexpected details. The gathering stream flows directly into a single, liberating chord. A second melody follows suit, at once melancholic, morphing to bright lyricism, also set-tling on an open chord. Yet not an end, but a transition...Abdullah Ibrahim is a master of transition.


Recorded in Söllhuben, Germany, March 17, 2019


  • SIDE A
  • 01. Trieste My Love
  • 02. Genesis
  • 03. For Coltrane
  • 04. Blue Bolero (Blue Bolero I)
  • 05. Nisa
  • 06. Blue Bolero (Blue Bolero II)
  • SIDE B:
  • 01. Capetown District Six
  • 02. Sotho Blue
  • 03. Machopi
  • 04. Whoza Mtwana
  • 05. Blues for a Hip King
  • 06. Dream Time