Chene Noir

Orphee 2000 (Limited Edition) (CN 002)

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Orphee 2000 (Limited Edition)

Chene Noir

Heavenly Sweetness

CN 002

LPS 162612

CN 002



LP 20,64 €

Reissue of very rare French spiritual / political Avant-garde Jazz - Think Brigitte Fontaine meets Alice Coltrane via the Middle East. The soundtrack of a cult play from the “Chêne Noir” Theatre. A spiritual jazz work tinged with poetry and oriental music. A sonorous UFO of which only the 70s had the secret. To be classified between Brigitte Fontaine Marc Moulin’s Placebo and Strata East.


  • Abel Valls - bass, guitar
  • Jean-Pierre Chalon - drums, percussion
  • Pierre Surtel - soprano & alto sax
  • Gérard Gelas - piano, synthesizer
  • Jean-Louis Cannaud - flute, percussion, vocals
  • Christine Schaffter - harp, soprano sax, vocals
  • Monik Lamy - percussion
  • Daniel Dublet - piano, vocals
  • Philippe Puech - vibraphone, vocals
  • Daniel Dublet, Pierre Surtel - arrangers

Recorded in Avignon, France, November 12-13-14-27-28, 1976


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Musique Des Martinets
  • A2. Le Vieil Orphée
  • A3. Musique De La Nuit
  • A4. Chemin D'où L'on Ne Revient Pas
  • A5. Musique Du Vieux
  • SIDE B
  • B1. La Route De La Mer
  • B2. Le Rêve Des Saintes-Maries-De-La Me
  • B3. La Musique De La Lumière
  • B4. La Musique Des Amants
  • B5. La Chute
  • B6. La Musique D'Orphée