Mahmoud Ahmed

Ere Mela Mela (2020 Repress) (HS093VL)

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Ere Mela Mela (2020 Repress)

Mahmoud Ahmed

Heavenly Sweetness


LPS 144686




LP 16,51 €

More genre-straddling Ethiopian music from the Ethiopiques series, this time focussing on shoeshine boy turned singing star Mahmoud Ahmed, whose unique blend of afro-beat rhythms and Arabic blues makes for an unexpected treat. Ahmed started out as what Ethiopiques curator Franic Falceto describes as a "street urchin", only to work his way up to become one of his homeland's biggest celebrities. Ahmed's minor-key soul is characterised by a cross-pollination of Eastern and Western styles (as is the case with this week's other two Ethiopiques releases) and takes on some of the Latin-American influences imported by his countryman Mulatu Astatke back in the late '60s.


  • SIDE A
  • 01. Abay Mado
  • 02. Imbwa Belew
  • 03. Atawurulign Lela
  • 04. Tizita
  • 05. Ohoho Gedama
  • SIDE B
  • 01. Ibakesh Tarekign
  • 02. Ere Mela Melav
  • 03. Meche Neu
  • 04. Sidetegnash Negn
  • 05. Samiraye
  • 06. Indenesh Gedaow