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Evolution of Light (3 Lp) (4012957200101)

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Evolution of Light (3 Lp)

Black Jazz Consortium

Perpetual Sound


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Fred Peterkin assumes his Black Jazz Consortium alias to continue his fascinating musical journey with a spellbinding new album entitled Evolution of Light - the first Black Jazz Consortium album in six years. The 12 track record is a further development of the American’s deeply enchanting style and finds him influenced by the music and culture of Brazil.

A notorious album specialist who was once putting out one a year, Peterkin is most at home with the longer playing times of a full length. He is someone who needs time to tease out his lasting emotions, to sink you into his musical mindset and allow you to marvel at its beauty.


  • Leonardo Peretti Reibnitz - acoustic guitar
  • Trovao Rocha - bass, lead vocals
  • Gal Aner - electric guitar
  • Ceri B - vocal
  • Christina Wheeler - lead vocal
  • Reno Ka - lead vocal
  • Bruno Elisabetsky - acoustic guitar
  • Leo Vieira - guitar, vocals


  • LP ONE
  • A1. More Blessings
  • A2. Another Path
  • B1. Sacred Sun
  • B2. A Century Of Love
  • ____________________
  • LP TWO
  • C1. Soul People For Life
  • C2. Salvador
  • D1. BrisbaneV
  • D2. Energies Collide
  • ____________________
  • E1. Focus
  • E2. Love Alliance
  • F1. Paradise Essential
  • F2. Resonate