Maurizio Ravalico

Nobody's Husband, Nobody's Dad (Solo Percussion) (FWLP006)

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Nobody's Husband, Nobody's Dad (Solo Percussion)

Maurizio Ravalico



LPS 163148




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Roughly one year between recording and final commitment onto vinyl, this very intimate work marks a pivotal moment in Maurizio Ravalico's creative path, and it is the most eloquent representation of his lifelong love affair with percussion music.

The music on Nobody’s Husband, Nobody’s Dad is entirely acoustic and live played, with no overdubs added to the initial takes. These have all been slightly edited to different degrees, mainly to fit them into the time limitations of vinyl; but other than that all tracks are faithful reproductions of single, uninterrupted one-man performances.

Another distinctive musical trait of the album is its persistent denial of metric recurrence. Maurizio’s solo music is focusing on sounds, often generated by unexpected combinations of conventional instruments and found objects, both played using a mix of orthodox and extended techniques, and often on top of a big drum, which augments dramatically their timbrical and tonal range. The finished pieces recall thus the aesthetics of both contemporary and improvised music, despite them being neither strictly composed nor at all improvised.


  • Maurizio Ravalico - solo percussion

Recorded in Trieste, Italy, July 16th, 17th and 18th 2017


  • SIDE A
  • 01. A Recurring Dream of Flying
  • 02. Just Bring Your Toys
  • SIDE B
  • 01. On the Presupposition of Mutual Loyalty
  • 02. Four Iterations of a Childish Theme