Tibor Szemzo

Snapshot From The Island (Limited Edition) (FOB064)

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Snapshot From The Island (Limited Edition)

Tibor Szemzo



LPS 163180




LP 20,64 €

Snapshot From The Island is a wonderful excursion into ambient-electronic-acoustic dreamscapes which could also be considered an offshoot of what many call the “minimalist movement” The title track, “Snapshot From The Island” is a 24-minute tone poem featuring Szemzo performing on computer drums and flutes of various pitch. Here, Szemzo provides a soft rhythmic undercurrent to balance the somewhat ethereal and delightfully hypnotic motif as he also electronically emulates bird and animal sounds which magnifies the mood or imagery of a far away “Island” paradise.


  • Tibor Szemzo – flutes, voice, drum computer, sound installation László Hortobágyi – synthesizer on B2


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Snapshot from the Island ...... 24:12
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Water-Wonder ?2 ............... 14:26
  • B2. Let's go out and dance ........ 10:32