Various Artists

Spiritual Jazz Vol. 13: Now Pt. 2 (Gatefold) (JMANLP 127)

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Spiritual Jazz Vol. 13: Now Pt. 2 (Gatefold)

Various Artists



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A tremendous entry in this wonderful series – a set that proudly proclaims its contents with the "NOW" on the cover! Back when the Spiritual Jazz series first started on the Jazzman label, the music was mostly relegated to material of the John Coltrane generation and the generation that followed – but in the past decade or so, there's been a huge explosion in new artists that explore the deeper, more righteous currents of jazz – music that's pulled in from the farther reaches of free improvisation, to righteous, message-oriented styles that often mix modal rhythms with more exploratory solo passages. Yet this new generation is hardly slavish to the sounds of Impulse Records – as they've really moved beyond, and have used a globe's worth of influences and new 21st Century concepts to bring fresh spirit to the music – opening things up in ways that have made this new movement one of our greatest sources of inspiration in recent years.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. The Cosmic RangePalms To Heaven
  • Brandon Valdivia (perc congas)
  • Kieran Adams (d)
  • Maximillian Turnbull (g)
  • Matthew Dunn (org, vib)
  • Andy Haas (sax)
  • Mike Smith (syn)
  • Jonathan Adjemian (e-p)
  • Isla Craig (voc)
  • A2. Vibration Black FingerEmpty Streets
  • Pete Marsh (d)
  • Julie Kjaer (fl)
  • Sean Pereira (g)
  • Patrick Dawes (perc)
  • Rod Skeaping (vln)
  • Ebony Rose (voc)
  • A3. AbeekuSlow Sweet Burn
  • Josh Abrams (b)
  • Marcus Evans (d)
  • Alex Wing (g)
  • Jim Baker (p)
  • David Boykin (ts)
  • Abeeku (voc)
  • ______________________________________________
  • SIDE B
  • B1. WildflowerFlute Song
  • Leon Brichard (b)
  • Tom Skinner (d)
  • Idris Rahman (fl)
  • B2. The PyramidsMemory Ritual
  • Kash Killion (b)
  • Kimathi Asante (e-b; perc)
  • Bradie Speller (elec, congas)
  • The Pyramids (voc)
  • B3. Steve Reid Foundation For Coltrane
  • John Edwards (b)
  • Tony Bevan (bs)
  • Kieran Hebden (elec)
  • Boris Netsvetaev (ky)
  • Chuck Henderson (ss)
  • Nathaniel Catchpole (ts)
  • Neil Kleiner (ts, perc)
  • ______________________________________________
  • SIDE C
  • C1. Carla Marciano - Trane's Groove
  • Carla Marciano (as, ss)
  • Aldo Vigorito (b)
  • Donato Cimaglia (d)
  • Alessandro La Corte (p)
  • C2. Angel Bat Dawid – What Do I Tell My Children Who Are Black (Dr. Margaret Burroughs)
  • Angel Bat Dawid (voc)
  • C3. Menagerie - Nova
  • Michael Meagher (b)
  • Rory McDougall (d)
  • Javier Fredes (perc)
  • Mark Fitzgibbon (p)
  • Phil Noy (ts, as, ss)
  • Ross Irwin (tp)
  • Fallon Williams, Jade MacRae (voc)
  • Lance Ferguson (g, voc)
  • ______________________________________________
  • SIDE D
  • D1. Teemu Akerblom QuartetAvo's Tune
  • Mikko Arlin (d)
  • Max Zenger (fl)
  • Ville Vannemaa (ts)
  • D2. The Jamie Saft Quartet - Vessels
  • Bradley Christopher Jones (b)
  • Nasheet Waits (d)
  • Bill McHenry (ts)
  • D3. Jonas KullhammarParis
  • Torbjörn Zetterberg (b)
  • Johan Homegard (d)
  • Goran Kajfes (tp)
  • Mattias Ståhl (vib)
  • Jonas Kullhammar (ts)