Evan Parker

All Knavery and Collusion (SGCLP018)

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All Knavery and Collusion

Evan Parker



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A quartet of improvising greats, coming together hear beautifully – with lots of sharp tenor work from Evan Parker, alongside the drums of Paul Lytton, bass of John Edwards, and piano of Alexander Hawkins! Parker is sometimes very deft, sometimes more in the textural territory of his more spacious improvisations – and at points, he's able to fold the two together beautifully – always seeming to direct the proceedings of the entire group, although it's clear that each player brings a fair bit of their own energy to bear in the proceedings. The bass of Edwards might be one of the most important elements – sometimes a bit more understated than the others, but in a way that really provides some glue for the whole thing


  • Evan Parker - saxophones
  • Alexander Hawkins - piano
  • John Edwards - bass
  • Paul Lytton - drums

Recorded June 21 2019 at Rimshot Studios Ltd.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. All Knavery & Collusion
  • A2. The Alchemy of John Edwards
  • A3. A Well Staring At The Sky
  • A4. The Influence Of The Dog Star
  • A5. A Blazing Star Or Comet
  • SIDE B
  • B1. The Weather Set In Hot
  • B2. Art Is A Science...